Treatment Resources

Positively UK 2014

‘The Pregnancy Journey – a practical guide’ from Positively UK.

Full of information to help you have a healthy, happy journey through pregnancy to baby and beyond and includes many of the questions that are asked by women living with HIV who are planning to have a baby or are pregnant.

HIV i-Base 2014

This guide produced by HIV i-Base includes important information about HIV treatment. It was written and reviewed by HIV positive people and health professionals.

If HIV is new to you, then learning about treatment can be daunting. This guide should help you feel more in control of this aspect of your health care.

HIV i-Base 2013

This booklet from HIV i-Base, updated in February 2013, about changing HIV treatment and drug resistance

This guide explains when and why treatment needs to be changed, which tests are used and what the results mean, how to choose drugs for the next combination and how to help make sure the next treatment will work well.

HIV i-Base 2013

Any diagnosis can be difficult and having two infections can be more stressful.

The information in this guide should help you feel more in control of some of the treatment choices so that you can focus on other things you want to do in life.

This guide will help you:

HIV i-Base 2012

A guide to side effects and other complications

This is the 6th edition of this guide. It focuses on the most commonly used and recommended treatments, including new and recently approved drugs. The online version includes additional material to the print version.

HIV treatment is now more effective and simpler to take than ever before. It involves far fewer side effects and usually fewer pills.