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Defend HIV prevention funding for England

From NAT: 11th December 2014

The Government has announced that funding for the national HIV prevention programme in England will be cut by 50% from April 2015.  

We think that this is outrageous, given the ongoing high rates of HIV transmission in England and significant gaps in public understanding about HIV.

If you live in England*, please write to the Public Health Minister, Jane Ellison, and ask for funding to be continued at least at current levels for the next three years.

Key facts about HIV prevention funding in England:

  • The Government has funded the national HIV prevention programme since 1996.  Funding for these programmes has been progressively reduced in recent years.
  • HPE coordinates a national programme of prevention focussed on the needs of men who have sex with men (MSM) and black African men and women.
  • Funding for HPE is £2.45m per year - this is already less than the combined funding received by the previous prevention programmes, NAHIP and CHAPS, in 2011/12.  
  • The Government will now only allocate £1.2m to the national HIV prevention programme for 2015/16 - and there has not yet been any commitment to fund subseqent years.
  • Local authorities should invest in HIV prevention as part of their public health responsibilities - but recent NAT research shows that less than 0.1% of the public health allocation in high HIV prevalence areas is being spent on primary HIV prevention.  Local authorities need the support of a national programme to maximise the effectiveness of their HIV prevention activities.

NAT believes that there is an urgent need for nationally-funded prevention work on HIV. Don't let the Government get away with decimating HIV prevention!

*The funding allocation only applies in England