FRONTLINE HIV Forum 2nd June 2009 Meeting

FRONTLINE HIV Forum Meetings:

Members: General Members Forum
Date: 2nd June 2009
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Attendees: 9
Apologies: 4

  • Updates from ‘HIV Age’ Research Team –
    • Ignacio is ready to go immediately upon his return from Leave.
    • Still a few minor issues with the Ethics submission
    • RT Meetings ongoing fortnightly
    • Sundhiya Mundalia will be approached for further assistance
  • Short presentation from T-Mac staff on ‘Releasing Time to Care’, asking the Forum about how they felt about the initiative and if they had any pointers for inclusion in the programme.
  • Nominations for the three Executive Roles within the Forum: JOCW has nominated for Chair, KF for Secretary, and JS & SC for Treasurers
  • Patient Survey – ongoing: PD will update next meeting
  • Dean Street snagging: some issues
  • Letters sent to Trust from concerned patients
  • Stakeholders meeting may be necessary
  • Possibly hold the 4th August meeting at Dean Street?
  • THT Health Trainers – Some keen discussions are taking place on the online forum – direction and flavour of response to Commissioners required.
  • Forum asked to note their thoughts / feelings – forward to the Chair
  • Invite Simon Bartram to discuss the issues: discuss with him our meeting with Christine Mead
  • It seems like THT are setting themselves up as competitors with NHS
  • Publication of available services within Trust: ongoing – JB will look into this
  • AOB: –
    • Saliva Testing – ongoing
    • Boots are offering saliva ‘Oraquip’ for home HIV testing.
    • Request for update on Patient Rep on the Trusts’ HIV Strategy Meetings groups
    • ForumLink organisation has now joined up with HIV Europe – things are progressing
    • APPG position (previously held by PD) is available should any Forum members wish to be placed on that policy advisory group.
    • Kobler Outpatients improvements due: August will see the expansion of the Pharmacy – extra months’ medication will be given to patients to cover the period of time the pharmacy will be under refurbishment.
    • Phlebotomy waiting times creeping up again – time for another review?