FRONTLINE HIV Forum Meeting 7th July 2009

FRONTLINE HIV Forum Meetings:

Members: General Members Forum
Date: 7th July 2009
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Attendees: 8
Apologies: 4

  • Frontline Forum – Final Nominations and subsequent election of Executive Roles:
    • JOCW went unchallenged for position as Chair and was voted in unanimously.
    • GC also went unchallenged as Secretary and was so elected.
    • CD will continue as Treasurer, being so re-confirmed to the position.
    • Due to diminished numbers in attendance, it was duly agreed that those elected would take up their respective roles two weeks after the results were published to the Forum website. At that time if there were no further challenges for the positions, the results of the elections - taken during the general meeting - would stand.
  • Dr Emma Page – Research Study:
    EP and later PK made a representation to the Forum on the merits of a research study she is about to embark on, which will be looking specifically to measure incidences of liver fibrosis in Hep C and HIV+ co-infected patients, hoping to gather evidence as to why there is a greater incidence of fibrosis in co-infected patients than those with just Hep C alone. She wanted to let Forum members know about the study, as she would soon begin recruiting suitable subjects to take part in her study, which will ultimately come from patients already under clinical care at Chelsea and Westminster - as they would best match her research inclusion criteria. Points were raised from the forum, that it was hoped the patient base would include those from the other HIV Treatment centres, namely 56 Dean Street and Nkosi Johnson.
  • Sara Day: Splash clinic discussion / questionnaire review
    It was thought Sara might be coming to discuss the feedback given to her from the forum on the ‘Splash’ clinic questionnaire – perhaps wires got crossed – the feedback has been forwarded to her.
  • HIV and Ageing’ Research Team updates:
    Some Ethics issues still to be ironed out. There will be a review of the questionnaire to “re-balance” the tone of the questions so as to make them less subjective. David Asboe and Jane Bruton wish to do some work with the RT Team in this respect, on the 20th July – it is not considered it will cause any significant delay in proceeding with the project plan.
  • Publication of available services within Trust: still outstanding
    – notice was made of Dean Street’s provision of such a publication – specifying all services available in that centre.
  • NHIVNA Conference –
    Forums’ ‘HIV and Ageing’ project presentation given by the Chair was very well received by those in attendance at the conference. Information about the conference and other presentations given there are available on the NHIVNA website.
    • It will be made note that all Forum members attending conferences, meetings or in any way representing the Forum will be entitled to represent the collective views of the Forum at those events. It is considered that any such events will be reported back to the Forum, so that members can be kept apprised of said events and any information exchanges that took place.
  • 4th August Forum meeting to be held at Dean Street:
    The forum members agreed to hold the next general meeting at 56 Dean Street. It was agreed that the Agenda should include issues that focus on Dean Street. JOCW will speak with Alan / Leigh Chislett to secure the meeting room (in the basement) for the meeting and attempt to arrange distribution of leaflets at all three clinics to advertise the event as widely as possible.
    • It has been suggested that there should be an event in September / October to which all Patient Forums could be invited – Wharfside, Bloomsusers, ESS Forum, etc. We hope to open a dialogue on a number of issues that are common to all, namely the Role of GP’s within HIV treatment, and record fellow patient’s comments on the direction being taken by the government and the NHS with respect to patient care.
  • THT Health Trainers
    – The Chair will be sending a letter to Simon Bartram discussing the issues raised by forum members.