FRONTLINE HIV Forum Meeting 6th January 2009

FRONTLINE HIV Forum Meetings:

Members: General Members Forum
Date: 3rd January 2009
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Attendees: 9
Apologies: 7

In attendance were three additional members of the staff from Chelsea and Westminster, Dr. Katherine Coyne, Breda Ward and Dr. Marta Boffito.

  • Marta & Breda informed us of the new "over-50's" clinic they have started which went live yesterday. Marta has an interest in and already runs a polypharmacy clinic. As she was seeing many patients over 50 she decided to start a clinic specifically for this age group. Though it is in its very early stages and they are very much building the service as they go along. The idea is for the patient to have an "MOT" so tests such as DEXA scans for bones, Fibroscan for liver, bloods, testosterone etc. will be offered once a year. The hope is this will expand to Dean Street eventually.
  • We spoke about the interaction of consultants & GP's - the major issue of communication being that the GP is not available if the consultant is wanting to call them.
  • The hospital run workshops for GP's for HIV twice a year but attendance is very poor as the GP has to cover their own surgeries and so are often not free to attend.
  • We also spoke about the Ageing project. Marta was keen to help and would make the clinic available for us to target the over 50's. Marta is also looking to review our proposal. She advised it is better to take the time to make sure the submission to ethics is as good as it can be and she will help. Though I mentioned this might be a conflict of interest for her.
  • We spoke briefly about the "honorary contracts" and the issues the had arisen.
  • Marta suggested we use the research nurse to help with the questionnaires and ask SSAT to donate some of her time.
  • Marta, Katherine & Breda would all like to re-attended at a fuller meeting in future.

The meeting closed at 7.05pm.