FRONTLINE HIV Forum 7th April 2009 Meeting

FRONTLINE HIV Forum Meetings:

Members: General Members Forum
Date: 7th April 2009
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Attendees: 9
Apologies: 4

  • Updates from ‘HIV Age’ Research Team – Funding Update – V. good news: The project has had a very positive grant donated towards the administration and implementation of the HIV Ageing project – subject to acceptance of and agreement to their terms. The funds will be granted over three years and means that the Forum will need to move forward quickly in order to gain full advantage from the available funding. CW has offered his association’s services for the Forum’s administrative needs. JB has suggested and article for the Trust News, as well as a leaflet to place in the clinics about the project and the Forum’s next steps. There will now be a message sent out to the members of the Forum asking for:
    • Project Leads(s)
    • PR and Comms Person
    • Researchers and Administrators
  • Feedback to A&E HIV Testing Trial Team: Mike Rayment came and gathered further feedback on the A&E HIV Saliva Testing trial. He spoke about concerns raised over counselling issues, verbal consent, written consents and confidentiality issues (tests being run against Hospital numbers etc). He was able to answer (fairly well) most of the concerns and will feedback any others to the trials team.
  • Guests from Eastbourne Patient Forum were unable to make this months meeting.
  • Patient Survey – ongoing: PD will update next meeting
  • THT – Follow up action: It was considered that Verity Morehead and Stephen Tucker should be invited to come to speak to the Forum on the strategy that requires these new Health Trainers to be placed within Trust infrastructure.
  • Publication of available services within Trust: ongoing – JB will look into this
  • AOB: – the Chair has produced a document espousing the Forum’s stance on political alliances, affiliations or general points of view – a political disclaimer for want of a better term. The disclaimer will be posted to the website and states that Forum will continue to express a view on any issue that might effect the Forum and it’s members, regardless of whether they coincide with (or oppose) the views of any group, political party, affiliation or alliance (see website for details).