KVN Forum Meeting 2nd October 2007

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The next meeting of the Forum will be held at the Kobler Clinic, Tuesday 6th November 2007 on the 4th Floor of the St Stephens Centre, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

This document is a collection of the discussions held by the KVN Forum members at the eleventh meeting of the KVN Forum, which took place on 2nd October 2007 at the Kobler Clinic. These are not strictly minutes of the meeting, but most of the points were loosely captured – apologies for any points missed.

  • The Role of GP’s – rescheduled date now proposed as Wednesday 5th December. PD and JB will speak to Judy Hague and Stephen Tucker to see if they can make the new date and report back to RW. If the date is agreed then RW will redo the leaflets for the Clinic advertising the event. It is hoped that as the event will be on a Wednesday, many patients attending the late Clinic will come along to the panel discussion. Questions sent to CD will be collated and communicated through the online forum for a shortlist for the panel.
  • Forum Link – next meeting in November – location TBA. PD will forward the Notes from that meeting to the KVN Online forum. • Gilead donation and Phlebotomy Audit Printing update – the forum agreed that in light of Gilead’s agreement to fund the printing of the report, the print run will be paid for out of the KVN funds, then the Gilead payment will go into the KVN fund to pay it back.
  • Pan London Consortium meeting in early October (the 3rd) – JB and PD will be attending – update in November.
  • There was some discussion over the general lack of service being experienced by long-term survivors of HIV. When diagnosed over a decade ago, many were told, for health reasons, to stop work, and since that time have been unable to find work as they now have no real work experience and are too old to be considered employable. There are now issues of side-effects experienced from years of taking medications like D4T or Truvada. It was suggested that there could be a Forum discussion dedicated to discussing what there was to be done for LTS’s. This forum could invite guest speakers – Dr Pepe Catalan and others – and advertise the event in Positive Nation.
  • There was a suggestion that every other Forum meeting could be dedicated to such discussions – as above. These could then be advertised in advanced.
  • There was a Pharmacy problem raised by one of the Forum members – and the discussion that followed seemed to imply that this goes deeper than just poor service. It was suggested that perhaps the forum could run some type of survey or arrange to invite a number of Clinical directors to one of the Forum meetings to answer the criticisms raised.

Please forward all points/suggestions for next meeting to the online forum, or directly to CD at declec@hotmail.com and the Agenda will be posted to the online Forum, with any additional points added to it as they are sent in.

The meeting dates for the remainder of 2007 are as follows:

  • Tuesday 6th November
  • Tuesday 4th December

The meeting dates for the Year 2008 are as follows:

  • Tuesday 5th February
  • Tuesday 4th March
  • Tuesday 1st April
  • Tuesday 6th May
  • Tuesday 3rd June
  • Tuesday 1st July

Others TBA.

The next meeting of the KVN Forum will be held at:4th Floor,
St Stephens Centre
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

6:00pm to 8:00pm
On Tuesday 3rd July

Refreshments provided.