KVN Forum Meeting 6th February 2007

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The next meeting of the Forum will be held at the Kobler Clinic, Tuesday 6th March 2007 on the 4th Floor of the St Stephens Centre, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

This document is a collection of the discussions held by the KVN Forum members at the eleventh meeting of the KVN Forum, which took place on 6th February 2006 at the Kobler Clinic. These are not strictly minutes of the meeting, but most of the points were loosely captured – apologies for any points missed.

  • CD & PD presented the Phlebotomy Audit results and members comments and suggestions / recommendations were noted and have been added. The document has now been sent to the Kobler Management for any additional input, and then the final document can be presented as appropriate. The document is also on the KVN Website – all comments are invited from the forum.
  • Emergency Service Access Clinic meeting – further discussion will take place at the next Forum meeting as the next scheduled ESAR is 28th February at 9:30am.
  • Elisabeth Crafer of ‘Positively Women’ has been invited to come along to our March meeting – now confirmed.
  • Finance & Fund Raising Sub-Committee – with the assistance of Jane Bruton and the C&W Finance Dept, we are working on transferring the forum funds into the Forum Bank account - ongoing.
  • There was discussion about the process involved in making a complaint – following an incident experienced and noted by one of the Forum members. The procedure is to make a complaint first to the Clinic staff, and if it cannot be resolved locally, then one can raise the issue through PALS –in the main Hospital reception area. Failing that, a Formal complaint can be raised in writing to the Complaints department, and it will initiate an Internal Audit of the specific incident and relevant department of person complained about.
  • Updated versions of the Posters – RR has created a new Poster – and very fine it was – many thanks to R for a job well done. Jane will have the poster laminated and it will go up on the Notice boards.
  • There was a brief update on the UKCAB meeting, attended by PD and CD – items covered were the update from Mark Creelman on the TIPI Consultation – the review is to be re-evaluated in March-April 2007.
  • There was an update from Jane Bruton on the telephone number for Kobler Clinic – it will be changed to an “0208” number in the next few months.
  • Jane Bruton distributed a “Well-Persons” questionnaire to the Forum for members to review and discuss – the questionnaire is aimed at finding out from the service users of the Kobler Clinic, whether they would be interested in taking part in a new service which would focus on illnesses more associated with age and longevity. Forum members have been asked for feedback – we can discuss online and at the next meeting.
  • Jane Bruton also presented the corporate Business plan 2007/08 that has been proposed for the Kobler Clinic – Jane then mentioned that there was an additional business case to be added to the plan that proposes a Patient – Representative position, perhaps part-time or two part-time positions covering half the Clinical week each. The Forum has been asked to discuss this online and see how this favours, perhaps see if there are any suggestions or ideas as to the most appropriate candidates for the position(s), and what type of skills/knowledge those persons would require. The role would need to be discussed and this would be a good opportunity for the Forum to help determine the role and even develop the criteria for assessing any candidates. This will continue to be discussed online and at the next forum meeting.

The meeting dates for the Year 2007 are as follows:

  • Tuesday 6th March
  • Tuesday 2nd April
  • Tuesday 1st May
  • Tuesday 5th June
  • Tuesday 3rd July
  • Tuesday 7th August
  • Tuesday 4th September
  • Tuesday 2nd October
  • Tuesday 6th November
  • Tuesday 4th December

Please forward all points/suggestions for next meeting to the online forum, or directly to CD at declec@hotmail.com and the Agenda will be posted to the online Forum, with any additional points added to it as they are sent in.

The next meeting of the KVN Forum will be held at:

The Kobler Clinic
4th Floor,
St Stephens Centre
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

6:00pm to 8:00pm
On Tuesday 6th February 2007

Refreshments provided.