KVN Forum Meeting 5th September 2006

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The next meeting of the KVN Forum will be held at the Kobler Clinic, on 19th September 2006 on the 4th Floor of the St Stephens Centre, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

This document is a collection of the discussions held by the KVN Forum members at the seventh meeting of the KVN Forum, which took place on 1st August 2006 at the Kobler Clinic. These are not strictly minutes of the meeting, but most of the points were loosely captured – apologies for any points that were missed.

Gordon Mitchell, Volunteer Co-ordinator at St. Stephens Volunteers, was invited to attend the meeting, and so was in attendance at the 5th Sept meeting.

  • Postal Address for the KVN Forum - Gordon Mitchell has very kindly suggested we can use the same postal address as the Information Exchange uses (run by the St Stephenês Volunteers), and will inform the other Volunteers to email CD and/or J.S. when any new letters arrive, and they can be collected. We will get an update at the next meeting.
  • The new Kobler Clinic Notice Board is available. Christian will create a banner to run across the top of the board, so that it will demark the board as holding information and updates on KVN Forum activities, publications and regular meetings. PD can liase with Simon Farnsworth to try and ensure the Board isn't cluttered up with non-KVN information once the Banner is put up.
  • Notification of KVN meetings is becoming paramount, with a concerted effort to advertise our meetings was discussed.
    • We need to get some large, simple Posters printed, and then put up in the Clinics.
    • Other methods - add a leaflet to all bags of Prescriptions given out from the Pharmacies.
    • Information packs could be given to anyone who uses the T-Mac ward - these need to be developed (Christine Casley, Head Nurse, is the best person to contact for this) anyone want to take this on?
    • Getting information about the KVN Forum and meetings times posted on outside publications - Positive Nation and even the Trust's Patients' Forum newsletter (published monthly).
  • The KVN Forum website requires creation of metafiles, so that browsers on the web can find the site easily by association. PD will work on these, but welcomes any assistance anyone from the Forum would like to lend - please contact PD directly on paul.decle@fosterweb.org
  • The Emergency Access Service Review meeting was cancelled last month, so nothing to report.
  • The Funding & Treasury sub-committee reported progress. Full minutes of the first meeting are available for viewing by Forum members.
  • There was a very big (continued) discussion on the issue of lengthy waiting times for getting Blood tests done at the Kobler Clinic. There was an explanation give by Jane Bruton, that there has been a recent change to the Labs that process the Viral Load tests. This has had an adverse effect on increasing waiting times by service users, due to having to get the blood forms printed on the day (and just before) they want to have blood tests done. This impacts on both Nurses and Receptionist's time, and combined with resourcing issues with the phlebotomists, has all combined to make the issue one which requires urgent attention from the Service Management teams. Jane assured the members that the whole issue is being addressed, and the situation should improve, but it was difficult to put a time frame to any implementation of changes at the moment.
  • It was suggested that it may be good to monitor other users experiences with having their bloods taken - and Christian will knock up a Questionnaire to gauge lengths of time patients are waiting from the time they first get to Reception, to getting their Blood forms, to getting a Ticket for the Queue, to having the Blood taken and then the length of time between patients. This draft will be brought to the next meeting.
  • It was also suggested that it may be necessary to get onto this quickly, so the KVN Forum has agreed to try meeting every two weeks - instead of every month - in an effort to both address the Bloods issue and to try and encourage more people to come to the meetings. So the next meeting will now take place on the 19th September, at the same place and time, and Kane will ensure that a room on the 4th Floor will be booked for us to meet in.

Next meeting 19th Sept Agenda Items:
New Posters – anyone forum members able to do these? We need some A3 size – and a range of different ones…
Notice boards – a Banner to denote they are KVN Notice boards will be given to Kobler staff.
Recently published Department of Health document, outlining the changes to the CPPIH – any members read it?
Registrations for the next BHIVA conference – any news?
KVN mobile phone with a pay-as-you-go account. Funds needed.
Review of recent changes in Kobler Clinic phlebotomy practice. Do we have a draft Questionnaire to use for canvassing other Patients views?
BHIVA Conference – one admission accepted – written confirmation to follow…

Please forward all additional points/suggestions for next meeting to the online forum, or directly to me at declec@hotmail.com or paul.decle@fosterweb.org

The next meeting of the KVN Forum will be:

On Tuesday 19th September, 2006 6:00pm to 8:00pm

The Kobler Clinic 4th Floor,
St Stephens Centre
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Refreshments provided.