KVN Forum Meeting 7th March 2006

Compiled by
Christian Decle


  • Predominantly for patients of the Chelsea & Westminster Healthcare NHS Trust.
  • Guests can be invited along.
  • Proof of clinic status to be taken on trust, monitored as we go along.

Agreed – see how it goes positive friends/carers

  • Invite those with a special interest.
  • Levels of membership – think about later.

Agreed – to think about (Chair/deputy/secretary perhaps on rotation 6 months to 1 year) later. Need to settle down first probably too early to decide. Need a structure – may need these roles. If we have a committee should it be more diverse?


  • Pan London Consortium? Help with funding. Request has gone in from others patient forums for funding from this group.
  • Drug companies – useful resource but no logos, no influence on the forum. All monies so far are without pressure/clause.

Mission statement
Agreed - Use Bloomsbury patient forums statement as a basis – discuss on line

Bring thoughts/ideas/revisions to next meeting.

Other issues

  • Feedback to clinic services provided, poster displayed in the clinic for each clinic (Shaun to arrange).
  • Small pamphlet for newly diagnosed. Feed back on leaflet for service providers.
  • Exchange visit to other forums (Bloomsbury clinic next meeting 15th March @ 5.30).

Travel expenses

  • Should be considered if we can afford it. Can’t promise something we can’t offer. Can’t afford at the present time.
  • Need feedback from women (access to forums are evenings best?).

Next Meeting 04/04/06
Nkosi Johnson Unit,
West London Centre for Sexual Health,
Charing Cross Hospital,
Fulham Palace Road,
W6 8RF.