Forum Political Stance

It is entirely appropriate that FRONTLINE HIV Forum Executive and members of the Steering Group, who speak on behalf of the Forum, are and must always remain apolitical. Their responsibilities are to represent the interests of Forum members, and those members are of all political persuasions, therefore to espouse or support any one political view could cause offence to members of opposing or differing political views.

That said, if we in any Forum publication promote a particular point of view which is perceived to be in the members best interests and that view happens to coincide with the aims or views of any one political group, organisation or affiliation, we shall not be deterred from speaking out.

This shall be the stance taken on any issue that might have an effect on Forum members.

The Forum will continue to respond to any form of consultation, and provide comments for and make challenges to any political decision that might effect Forum members. Nevertheless, we feel that at least in the publication of Forum discussions to our website and to the notice boards of the three Treatment centres, we can and will, within the apolitical constraints upon us, express a view.