Forum Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide and promote a forum for HIV positive patients, that can serve as both a focus for discussion, and offer support and resolution to positive patients’ needs.

Our membership is open to all HIV positive patients and their guests who are either in attendance, or are using the treatment services provided by the Kobler, 56 Dean Street and Nkosi Johnson Clinics.

The members of the patient’s forum, henceforth known as FRONTLINE HIV Forum1 propose to:

  • Acknowledge the diverse network of HIV positive patients within the Kobler, Dean Street and Nkosi Johnson Clinics, as well as facilitate and coordinate activities that promote and represent their needs in a fully inclusive and appropriate manner.
  • Work alongside service providers within the NHS to improve services within the three Clinics.
    Help patients find and access those services appropriate to their needs, and empower fellow patients to make better healthcare choices.
  • Ensure that patients are consulted and have their say about the services they receive, by seeking and representing their views within the clinic and elsewhere when appropriate.
  • Provide peer support to fellow patients and offer talks/workshops/seminars that focus on both HIV-related topics and Personal Development for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Forge links with other HIV organisations in order to enable greater accessibility to the wider national and even international HIV positive patient base.

1 Previously known as "KVN Forum"